Which attributes can I request via API?

Here are all of the attributes and associated codes that can be returned by the Faraday API

To use the Faraday API, you'll need to activate the Inform product. Please contact your Account Strategist to learn more.

API-callable attributes (Standard & Premier fields)

Faraday can return over 100 attributes from the Faraday Identity Graph via API — below is a list of every attribute you can request using the https://api.faraday.io/v3/households endpoint.

The attribute code  (e.g. absentee_indicator ) is what you'll actually want to send in the request.

Standard fields you can request via API

Field name - Code 
Absentee indicator - absentee_indicator
Age - age
Agricultural land - ag_parcel
Annual residential turnover rate - cl_annual_residential_turnover
Antique collector - antiques
Appraised improvement value - appraise_improvement_value
Appraised land value - appraise_land_value
Approximate household income tax rate - income_tax_rate
Approximate number of children - number_of_children
Architectural style - architecture_type
Art - art
Automotive diy - auto_parts
Average commute time - cl_avg_commute_time
Average property tax - cl_avg_property_tax
Avid collector - avid_collector
Baseball - baseball_fan
Basement - basement
Basement area - basement_area
Basketball - basketball_fan
Boating interest - boating
Books - books_magazines
Cat owner - cat_owner
Census block group geoid - census_block_group
Charitable donations - charitable_donations
Children in household - children_in_household
City of property owner - city2
Combined sales tax rate - cl_combined_sales_tax_rate
Construction quality - construction_quality
Construction type - construction_type
Cooling system type - cooling_system_type
Corporate ownership - corporate_primary_owner
Credit rating (blurred) - credit_rating
Date of birth - date_of_birth
Deed type - deed_type
Dieting & weight loss - dieting
Distance to nearest airport - cl_nearest_airport_distance
Dog owner - dog_owner
Effective year built - effective_year_built
Electricity - electricity_available
Electricity type - electricity_type
Equestrian - equestrian
Exterior walls type - exterior_walls_type
Faraday AVM - favm
Faraday AVM high estimate - favm_high
Faraday AVM low estimate - favm_low
Fireplace - fireplace
Floor construction type - floor_type
Football - football_fan
Foundation type - foundation_type
Frequent remodeler - frequent_remodeler
Fuel type - fuel_type
Gaming & gambling - gaming
Garage type - garage_type
Garage/parking spaces - garage_spaces
Gardener - gardener
Gender - gender
Golf - golfs
Gross rent: 1br - cl_gross_rent_1br
Gross rent: 2br - cl_gross_rent_2br
Gross rent: 3br - cl_gross_rent_3br
Gross rent: 4br - cl_gross_rent_4br
Gross rent: studio - cl_gross_rent_studio
Head of household (useful for mailers/canvassing) - head_of_household
Health & exercise - health_conscious
Heating system type - heating_system_type
Hockey - hockey_fan
Home value - bld_val
Homestead qualified - homestead_qualified
House style - style
Household income - household_income
Household income (bucketed) - household_income_bucket
Household income departure from median bucket - household_income_dfm
Household income percentile - income_percentile
Household size - household_size
Housing density - housing_density
Improvement type - improvement_type
Improvement value indicator - improvement_value_indicator
Individual primary owner - individual_primary_owner
Investing - investing
January high temperature - cl_tmax_jan
January low temperature - cl_tmin_jan
July high temperature - cl_tmax_jul
July low temperature - cl_tmin_jul
Land value indicator - land_value_indicator
Last sale date - last_sale_date
Latest sale type - latest_sale_type
Length of residence - length_of_residence
Level of education - education
Living area - living_area
Location associated aspects - location_associated_aspects
Lot area - lot_area
Lot compactness - lot_compactness
Lot depth - lot_depth
Lot width - lot_width
Low/moderate income - cl_lmi
Mail order buyer - mail_order_buyer
Marital status - marital_status
Market improvement value - market_improvement_value
Market percentile by ZIP code - market_percentile_zcta
Market percentile by county - market_percentile_county
Market value of land - land_market_value
Mean January temperature - cl_tmean_jan
Mean July temperature - cl_tmean_jul
Mean annual temperature (C) - cl_tmean_annual
Median age - cl_median_age
Median sale price - cl_median_sale_price
Mortgage amount - latest_mortgage
Mortgage amount assumed - mortgage_amount_assumed
Mortgage date - latest_mortgage_date
Mortgage deed type - mortgage_deed_type
Mortgage due date - mortgage_due_date
Mortgage interest rate - latest_mortgage_interest_rate
Mortgage lender name - mortgage_lender_name
Mortgage rate type - mortgage_rate_type
Mortgage refinance type - mortgage_refinance_type
Mortgage term - mortgage_term
Mortgage type - latest_mortgage_loan_type
Music - music
Nearest airport - cl_nearest_airport
Net worth - net_worth
Number of adults - adults
Number of bathroom fixtures - bathroom_fixtures
Number of bathrooms - baths
Number of bedrooms - beds
Number of bicycle commuters - cl_commute_bicycle
Number of credit lines - number_of_credit_lines
Number of families - cl_families
Number of fireplace openings - fireplace_openings
Number of generations - generations
Number of households - cl_households
Number of households with children - cl_households_with_children
Number of married individuals - cl_married_individuals
Number of owner-occupied dwellings - cl_owner_occupied_dwellings
Number of parcels - number_of_parcels
Number of public transit commuters - cl_commute_public_transit
Number of renter-occupied dwellings - cl_renter_occupied_dwellings
Number of structures - structure_number
Number of vacant dwellings - cl_vacant_dwellings
Occupant first name - person_first_name
Occupant last name - person_last_name
Occupant name - person
Owner type - owner_type
Owner-occupied - owner_occupied
Parcel sale type - parcel_sale_type
Parenting & children's interests - children_interests
Parking area - garage_area
Parking type - parking_type
Per capita income - cl_per_capita_income
Percent equity - percent_equity
Pet owner: any type - pet_any
Pool - pool
Pool type - pool_type
Population - cl_population
Population change since 2000 - cl_population_change_2000_2016
Population density - cl_population_density
Postcode of property owner - postcode2
Postnet barcode - delivery_point_barcode
Price at last sale - last_sale_price
Primary resident - primary_resident
Prior completed sale date - prior_completed_sale_date
Prior deed type - prior_deed_type
Prior parcel sale type - prior_parcel_sale_type
Prior recorded sale date - prior_recorded_sale_date
Prior sale amount - prior_sale_amount
Prior sale mortgage amount - prior_sale_mortgage_amount
Prior sale transaction code - prior_sale_transaction_code
Property crime index - cl_crime_index_property
Property type - property_type
Purchase price - purchase_price
Renter-occupied - renter_occupied
Resident occupation category - occupation
Residential location - residential_location
Residential property - residential
Roof type - roof_type
Rooms - number_of_rooms
Sale code - sale_code
Sale transaction code - sale_transaction_code
Second deed type - second_deed_type
Second mortgage amount - second_mortgage_amount
Second mortgage amount assumed - second_mortgage_amount_assumed
Second mortgage date - second_mortgage_date
Second mortgage deed type - second_mortgage_deed_type
Second mortgage due date - second_mortgage_due_date
Second mortgage interest rate - second_mortgage_interest_rate
Second mortgage lender name - second_mortgage_lender_name
Second mortgage rate type - second_mortgage_rate_type
Second mortgage refi type - second_mortgage_refi_type
Second mortgage term - second_mortgage_term
Second mortgage type - second_mortgage_type
Secondary first name - person_first_name2
Secondary last name - person_last_name2
Seller carryback - seller_carryback
Seller name - seller_name
Sewer type - sewer_type
Single parent - single_parent
Single-family household or townhouse - single_family
Soccer fan - soccer_fan
Solar suitable roof material - solar_suitable_roof_type
Square footage for improvement value - improvement_value_sqft
State of property owner - state2
Stories - number_of_stories
Street address of property owner - house_number_and_street2
Tax bill - tax_amount
Tax improvement value - tax_improvement_value
Tax land value - tax_land_value
Tax year - tax_year
Tax-assessed value - tax_assessed_value
Third mortgage amount - third_mortgage_amount
Third mortgage amount assumed - third_mortgage_amount_assumed
Third mortgage date - third_mortgage_date
Third mortgage deed type - third_mortgage_deed_type
Third mortgage due date - third_mortgage_due_date
Third mortgage interest rate - third_mortgage_interest_rate
Third mortgage lender name - third_mortgage_lender_name
Third mortgage rate type - third_mortgage_rate_type
Third mortgage refi type - third_mortgage_refi_type
Third mortgage term - third_mortgage_term
Third mortgage type - third_mortgage_type
Title company - title_company
Total annual precipitation (mm) - cl_pcp_annual
Total appraised value - total_appraised_value
Total market value - total_market_value
Total number of dwellings - cl_total_dwellings
Travel - travel
Trust - trust
Type of fireplace - fireplace_type
Type of roof framing - roof_frame_type
Units in building - units
Veteran in household - veteran_in_household
View description - view_description
Violent crime index - cl_crime_index_violent
Water source - water_used_code
Year built - year_built
ZIP4 of property owner - postcode_zip42
Zoning type - zoning_type

Premium fields you can request via API

Field name - Code 
Bank card in household - bank_card_in_household
Credit card - card_any