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Customer IDentifier FAQs

Frequently asked questions for Faraday's free Customer IDentifier

How does Faraday develop your personas?

Faraday computes your personas using your first-party data, our enriched, cookieless consumer data, and unsupervised machine learning algorithms, revealing distinct clusters in the combined data that ultimately represent your customer personas. Faraday data scientists review these quantitatively developed personas to help you understand what makes them distinct from the rest.

Faraday applies a version of the k-means clustering algorithm to sort your enriched customer data into groups based on a variety of consumer attributes from the Faraday Identity Graph (FIG).

How many personas will I have?

Machine learning algorithms determine the number of personas based on your customer data, so the number of personas from brand to brand can vary–we'll generally see anywhere from 3-7 unique personas clustered.

Can I create personas for each product?

Within the Customer IDentifier, your personas are built based on the customer data you provide, which you could tailor to be product-specific when pulling it from your database.

In the full version of Faraday, we build your personas based on your entire customer base, and can then we can perform a post-hoc analysis to include a breakout by product type Faraday recommends initially creating personas based on all of your customers. From there, we can add a post hoc analysis to include a breakout by product type to easily know which personas prefer specific products. This will allow you to easily manage who buys what and visualize changes over time.

Will my personas change over time?

They certainly can! Our methodology for creating personas allows us to apply personas to all of your new customers over time and combined with leveraging our dashboard, you can easily monitor shifts in persona groups, and even reflect on growth in groups to recent marketing efforts.

What can I do with my personas?

The attributes that define each persona can help you guide your personalization efforts so that when your contacts are assigned a persona, your systems are properly configured to guide every individual down the right path-to-purchase while delivering the most relevant content and creative at every touchpoint. Align both your creative and messaging based on the unique attributes within each persona, and speaking your customers' language has never been easier.