Connecting via API

How to utilize Faraday's predictive scoring API via Workflows

If you're using, Faraday can apply predictive scores for different business outcomes to your customers or leads using their Workflows. Use your customer and lead predictions to optimize your campaign's targeting and offer strategies.

To do this, you'll need to configure the Workflow within a new (or existing) Campaign in

  1. First, log into your account via the login page.

  2. Navigate to Campaigns on the left-hand sidebar.

  3. Then click Create Campaign in the upper right.

  4. Name it something descriptive, and click Create Campaign again.

  5. You'll need to set up a Trigger before we can configure the Workflow. The Trigger will differ depending on your needs, but for this example, we'll just use new signups.

  6. Once you've configured your Trigger Condition and Filter, click Next in the upper-right-hand corner to proceed. It will ask you to Save & Continue before moving to the workflow, which you should select.

Workflow Setup

  1. Now we can configure the Workflow to call out to Faraday's API. Select Webhook from Workflow items on the sidebar as the first block.

  2. Click on the block to configure the Webhook.

  3. Name it something descriptive, then click Add Request.

  4. Consult our API documentation to determine what type of request you'd like to make. For now, we'll just POST email over to


    Talk to your Account Manager about getting the api_key and outcome_id for your account.

  5. Switch to the Response tab.

  6. Set the attribute name to something descriptive (fdy_lead_score, it will create the attribute for you), and the response parameter to (you can swap out the "REPLACE_ME" with "score".)

  7. Click Send test in the upper-right-hand corner. If successful, you should see the score in the Response. Talk to your Account Manager if you're having issues to get some help from one of our Customer Success Engineers (CSE).

  8. That's it! Close the test dialog box, then click Done in the upper-right.

  9. The Workflow should be all set with no errors at this point. Click on the Webhook again. Now, you can choose to change the sending behavior from Queue Draft to Send automatically (so the request is sent as soon as the sign-up comes in).

  10. Save the Webhook changes - the basic workflow is all set! Click Next in the upper-right to proceed.

  11. Now, you choose to set a Goal for the campaign. Since we're just getting the scores here, we'll select Skip goal.


    Your email subscribers are now being scored! This is a barebones Workflow, so configure as you see fit!