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Activating Faraday location predictions on Facebook

A step-by-step guide for using Faraday bid predictions for geotargeting on Facebook

Faraday is able to create lists of locations where high-propensity consumers, or those that have a high likelihood to take an action specified by you, live – these lists can then be delivered to Facebook where you can activate on them. Once you've received your CSV of scored locations via Geotargeting, follow the below steps to employ your predictions on Facebook.

🗒️ As Facebook does not currently support bid modification like Google Ads does, we often recommend clients assess scores in these ways in terms of campaign adjustment:

  • Suppress locations with fdy_weight scores below 0.8 as low-propensity locations not worth pursuing. If you'd like to consider suppressing low-scoring locations, chat with your CS representative for strategy.

  • Target locations with fdy_weight scores above 0.8 as high-propensity locations worth pursuing.

For targeting a list of counties, states, or postcodes

  1. In Facebook, select the campaign that contains the ad set you'd like to add Faraday audiences to.

    Facebook campaign list
  2. Select the ad set and click Edit in the menu bar.

    Facebook campaign ad set list
  3. Scroll down to the Audience section, hover over Locations option, and click Edit.

    Facebook ad set audience
  4. Click Add Locations in Bulk.

    Facebook ad set audience locations
  5. Next, determine whether you want to add postcodes, counties, or both:

    1. For adding a list of postcodes, select Postal codes from the drop-down. For postcodes only, you have the option of either pasting in your list or uploading the list directly (the below screenshot shows format options for pasting in a list. Use a text file following same format options if uploading.)

      Facebook ad set audience location upload
    2. County locations need to be added manually to an ad set. When adding a list of counties, select Regions or States from the drop-down and begin typing the county that you'd like to add. Facebook will attempt to auto populate the name of the county – select the name that they suggest to ensure the correct data is loaded.

  6. Once you've finished either entering or uploading your list, click Match Locations to see how many of your locations matched.

  7. Double check that the matched locations are correct, and click Add X Locations to finish.

With these steps completed, your selected Facebook campaign will now target locations based off of your predictive scores!