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Formatting your data for Faraday's Customer IDentifier

A step-by-step guide for formatting your data for upload into Faraday's free Customer IDentifier

Once you've had a chance to browse the demo data for Faraday's Customer IDentifier, the next step is uploading your own customer data to see how your brand's customers break down into unique personas.

A note on data security

At Faraday, we take data security very seriously. We're SOC 2 audited annually, we partition all data into their own parts of the Faraday Identity Graph, and your data is never shared. Read more here.

For this article, we're using Google Sheets to edit our CSVs, but you can use any software that allows you to edit a CSV file (Excel, Numbers, etc). If you haven't downloaded it already, you'll need our data template so that your data matches the requirements for upload. You can download it by clicking the button below, or within the persona tool's upload process, which begins once you click Get started at the top.

Diving into the columns in our data template, from left to right we have first name, last name, street address, city, state, zip, email, and date. Don't modify the headers, otherwise the upload will fail.

e.g.: If your customer data exports with "Customer Address" as a column header, the column header should be "customer_street_address" in the CSV file that you upload to the Customer IDentifier.

Of the fields in the template, only either customer_street_address, customer_city, customer_state, and customer_zip (aka physical address) and/or email are required. With that said, the more data you provide, the more holistic the personas we build for your brand will be, and by including email, you're able to more easily import your personas into your marketing stack for a mini campaign.

Taking a look at some test data we've prepared for upload, the data from our fake brand, Acme, has an extra column that isn't needed for the upload process (total), but otherwise the columns match what the template asks for. To make this easier, we're going to select the total and date columns, and delete them (below), which will collapse the email column in place of the empty columns.

Once our customer data has been cleaned up (below, left), we're going to select everything except the headers (which are already waiting for us in the template) where the columns match up with the template, and copy & paste them into the template. Once done, copy & paste the email column into the appropriate template column.

💡 The reverse process works too! feel free to rename your data's column headers to the exact text from the template if it's easier for you. (e.g. first_name → customer_first_name)

With our data pasted into the template, we're ready to upload it into the system for our personas to be generated. Head over to Using Faraday's Customer IDentifier to finish the upload process.

Still need help? Click Get assistance in the upper right of the Customer IDentifier.