Iterable: Connecting via API

How to utilize Faraday's real-time scoring API via Iterable workflows

If you're using Iterable, Faraday can predict which of your inbound leads are most likely to convert using their Workflows.

To do this, you'll need two contact Lists in Iterable:

  1. Email subscribers, which gets automatically updated with new signups, e.g. "All email subscribers" (note: we’re using email as an example here, but the concept can be applied to any of the channels Iterable supports)

  2. A list to add the resulting scored Leads to, e.g. "Faraday scored leads"

Then, you'll want to create a new Workflow:

  • Navigate to Workflows under Messaging in the navigation.

  • Then click Create New Workflow.

Workflow Setup

  1. Name the new workflow something relevant.

  2. The default node on new Workflows is a trigger workflow node.

  3. Double click on that node to open it, and switch the trigger from Received an API trigger to Scheduled Recurring List, and select List 1 described above (All email subscribers).

  4. Add a Fields Match node (under Filters on the Workflow sidebar) underneath the Trigger Workflow node, and connect it using the white dots.

  5. Double click into the new node, and configure it to only score sign-ups from the last 24 hours. For Must Have, select Contact Property and set it to Signup Date is on or after now-24h.

  6. Save the node.

  7. Add a new node Update User Profile Via Webhook (under User Actions in the sidebar), and connect the Yes from Filter users to it.

  8. Open the node and add the following to the Endpoint URL (this is what calls out to the Faraday API):

    1. Contact your Account Manager for the api_key and outcome_id.

  9. Add an Add User to List node (again, under User Actions on the sidebar) underneath the Update Via Webhook node, and connect them. Configure this node by selecting List #2 described above (Faraday Scored Leads). Upon being scored by the Faraday API, users will appear in this list.

    The resulting workflow looks like this:


Your email subscribers are now being scored! This is a barebones Workflow, configure as you see fit!

The response will be stored at the User Profile level, under Available User Fields. By default, we provide address resolution along with the model score and personas (if enabled):


If Iterable seems to be running slowly after setting this up, add "Delay" nodes before and after the Update user's profile via webhook node.