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How to use SSH tunnelling

Some integrations support SSH tunnelling

If your system (for example, Redshift) is behind an SSH bastion or otherwise requires an SSH tunnel, you can use this public key:

Then we will need

  1. The SSH user you want us to use (e.g. faraday)

  2. The SSH host (e.g. my-bastion-ssh.example.com)

  3. The public DNS name of the private host (e.g., my-bi.sud02kjs82.us-east-1.redshift.amazonaws.com:5439) or, if that DNS name is not publicly discoverable, then the internal IP address (e.g.,

Note that all the DNS names above (SSH host and private host) must be publicly discoverable - i.e. they can't be names like my-bi.private.internal. In that case you can provide a private IP address.